29286_Sharratt_Realization_72ppiRGB_150pixwRealization: The Change Imperative for Deepening District-Wide Reform

Lyn Sharratt, Michael Fullan Foreword by Kenneth Leithwood

A Joint Publication with the Ontario Principals’ Council: A powerful approach to leading and sustaining district-wide change!




poster2Build the bridge from data collection to improved instruction
Assessment data can bury you or give you focused attention on how to recognize and reach every student. This book shows how to develop a common language for sharing all students’ progress with all teachers and leaders, and how to use ongoing assessment to inform instruction. Based on worldwide research of more than 500 educators, the book presents solutions organized by:

“Too often the debate about education sets up a false dichotomy between rigorous use of data on the one hand and teachers’ professionalism on the other. This book demonstrated triumphantly that when the two go together, students benefit.” – Sir Michael Barber, Founding Director of the US Education Delivery Institute and Author of Deliverology 101: A Field Guide For Educational Leaders



Putting Faces on the Data FACES: Also now in a new translation. The Arabic version is available for purchase through the publisher’s website:

Putting Faces on the Data

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Putting Faces on the Data is now available in Spanish language at:











Guide your students to a successful future in the new economy
How can schools best prepare students for the highly competitive job market and global economy? This compelling book presents a transformative approach to college and career readiness within the public education system, based on data and best practices contributed by outstanding schools on five continents.
Written for education leaders at all levels, this resource shows how to

  • Design an innovative  Pathways approach to career readiness  that empowers students as informed decision-makers
  • Integrate career training into curriculum through a network of local community partners
  • Develop an approach to life-skill preparation, K-12+, that is inclusive of all.

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