Highlighting the ongoing work in Australia

“Revolutions happen fast but dawn slowly. After more than a decade of serious decline in our educational standards, David Gonski and a team of experts have finally been asked to identify how Australia can turn around student performance. Their work needs to be the manifesto for the revolution we have been waiting for”.

There is a craft to school improvement — it’s part art and part science. My company, Knowledge Society, has undertaken research that draws on the work of experts in this domain: Hattie, director of his university’s Melbourne Education Research Institute; Michael Fullan, former dean of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education; Andy Hargreaves, Thomas More Brennan chair at Boston College; Lyn Sharratt from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto; and Robert Marzano, co- founder and chief academic officer of Marzano Research in Colorado.

Based on the work of these experts and the OECD, we have distilled the research into eight design principles…

The full article is available from The Australian. Subscription required.

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