Endorsements for Lyn’s Work

Hi Lyn, 

I just wanted to thank you again for a great day and reflect on the power of the learning that occurred today as a team. The opportunities to work together aren’t always easy to generate and the interactions today were the most vibrant and unified I’ve witnessed in our mixed groups. The engagement and attention to tasks was obvious and I felt a real commitment and excitement about our shared journey. You made the learning both fun and empowering which is of course what we wish for our students.

Looking forward to Monday and observing how our schools’ participation matches our own.

Shelley Waldon Project Officer, Science and Innovation, Catholic Education Services



Lyn Sharratt combines scholarship, proven work in the trenches and on top of it is a great trainer. She excels at making key concepts for improvement come alive. People not only leave her sessions pumped up, they actually put things into practice. They are inspired but they also learn powerful new ideas and strategies for success.
Dr. Michael Fullan, Order of Canada, Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto

The power of working with Dr Lyn Sharratt is the credibility that she brings to the work of being an Instructional leader.  Lyn’s understanding and experience of whole system reform, makes her a sought after critical friend and presenter for systems seeking reform. Lyn has worked in Parramatta Diocese for the last 2 years, initially working on the alignment of our Professional Learning offerings   for schools. More recently Lyn has worked with central office staff and school teams on the implementation of case conferencing and data walls. Further to this Lyn worked with all principals and central office staff on conducting daily Instructional Walks in schools.

Dr Lyn Sharratt is an excellent teacher and presenter, with proven success in whole of system reform. Working with Lyn is an inspiration and privilege, Lyn characterizes every trait of an outstanding instructional leader of the 21st century. That is the power of working with Dr Lyn Sharratt.
Sue Walsh, Deputy Executive Director, and Director of Teaching and Leanring, Parramatta Diocese, Australia

Dr. Lyn Sharratt is one of Canada’s outstanding educators and a much sought after presenter at major conferences internationally.  Her depth of knowledge about curriculum, instruction, assessment and evaluation practices is unmatched. She is an inveterate learner who keeps abreast of research and innovative practices in education.  She sets high standards for students, staff, school districts and herself.  More importantly, she knows how to build capacity to achieve district goals – a fact that has not been missed by the many jurisdictions that seek her advice and commitment to work with their teachers, principals and senior staff. 

Lyn’s curriculum leadership enabled the York Region District School Board to become one of the highest achieving districts in Canada. This achievement has not gone unnoticed by organizations such as the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and McKinsey and Company who have publicly praised this school board for being one of the few in the world to achieve both excellence and equity simultaneously. Lyn’s work and writing have achieved the widest possible acclaim. Educators view positively any organization with which she is associated.

As someone who worked with Lyn as a member of the senior team, I can attest to her strong work ethic, commitment to equity and inclusiveness and ethical leadership.  She is admired by her colleagues for her sense of teamwork and her positive character attributes such as honesty, integrity and fairness. 

Dr. Avis Glaze, Edu-quest International Inc.; Former Chief Student Achievement Officer of Ontario & Ontario Education Commissioner

We had some lovely press this week where one of our schools (Shalom Christian College) was recognised on the front page of our National newspaper as being one of the most improved schools. They have worked very hard over time to embed the 14 parameters.  It has been a struggle for them, especially in the last 12 months when they were close to being closed down. This recognition has given them a real boost. I thought that you would like to see how your messages are making an impact and most importantly making a difference for the some of our most disadvantaged students – thank you!!!

Dr. Janelle Wills, Director, Marzano Institute, Australia

I am certain that you have heard this before but I need to say that in my view you are a « world class» example of instructional leadership.  I have the utmost respect for Dr. Fullan’s work but the two books which you co-wrote brought the explicit practical experience that front line people needed, to make his theory and practice even more understandable. He was very smart to find you and associate with you and invite you to write your practice/theory in a book. Your way of walking your talk impresses me so much.  You are modeling, sharing all those parameters and weaving what an effective teacher should do in a classroom, with large groups of principals from K to 12 by your facilitating.  Incredible!!    You helped me see, what I wanted to be able to do.   

Examples ….

  • Sense or urgency which you have for student progress you carry even during the PD days (I doubt that you will ever let us have tea time in those days.  Haha !)
  • Engaged us as learners – with precious examples of cooperative learning techniques, high level questioning techniques, etc ;
  • Modeled at a large level the gradual release of responsibility : modeled, shared, guided…of some parameters ;
  • Always kept differentiation in mind: through differentiated Case studies, groupings, videos. For example, just as we were starting to discuss at our table how we were going to apply what you said to Francophone situation, you popped in.

The first day we met : You were able to very quickly get into my zone of proximal development by showing me the « end in mind », and helped us understand the goal of having students able to articulate what she is learning, why, how, etc.    The video that you shared on that first day made me think that we (instinctively) in the school where I coach are almost there.  Give us one month and in 2-3 classrooms at least we could bring the students to that point because we are very close.  That was very helpful to me!  In 5 minutes with the best chosen video, you reminded me of the goal (for student, teachers, principals, coaches).  So effective!!!

What a privilege it was to meet and learn from you.  MERCI !!!!!!!!!!!!

Diane Oulette, Teacher-Leader, Consultant, Dept of Education and French Language School Board, PEI, Canada